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The Toilet    aper


We here at The Nasty Hooks have come to the conclusion that maybe YOU, the consumer, might have some serious questions about the trajectory of this particular NFT project. In this document, the aims and goals of the amorphous musical homunculus otherwise known as The Nasty Hooks will be thoroughly outlined and explained in detail.


The Nasty Hooks

formed several years

ago when two malformed open-mic comedians crossed paths. They soon discovered that they shared a type of manic weirdness that could be utilized to create mind-boggling soundscapes, catchy earworms, and gorgeous melodies. Birdbonez and The Drizzle have toiled for many hours over the span of their bandhood to create an extensive library of rarities. It was only recently that these two giants of musical innovation discovered the metaverse and the artistically empowering media format known as NFTs.


Ultimately The Nasty Hooks will be a fully functional, live-performing, real-ass band with real “ass” fans. The overall goal is to be able to do live in-person concerts, produce merch, and bring sketch comedy to WAX. All while building a community of like-minded people around us in addition to the virtual shows we currently perform and the unique NFT collections we expertly craft.



Why should I give a shit?


You enjoy music and art and farts.


What is the purpose of your NFT collection?


We tryna spread our nasty brand of musical dookie to every corner of the earth. But in all seriousness, we would like to be able to sustain ourselves as a band monetarily while also giving people direct access to what we do at an affordable price point. Additionally, in becoming sustainable, the quality and scope of our production would increase as a whole and allow us to do much more with our collections.


wHeN sTaNk?!?!


The Hooks are currently stankable in the WAX based table-top game Warsaken to earn LOOT!


What is wrong with you?


That is a pandora's box of non-answers there. You could ask yourself the same thing.

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