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Battle Cards

This particular series is just a fun way to inject the Nastiest of you guys directly into the TNH universe and incorporate a fun way to "collect the community". Can't wait to see what you guys come up with for your own cards.

Custom Card

Put your ugly mug on there like us, or whatever you want, and create your own custom TNH Battle Card to show off on Discord and add to the collection!



A Cunty Type warrior with an HP of 69. Birdbones was born with hollow, super-fast bones giving him the ability to shit on anyone, instantly, for no reason, at any given time. Using the power of his kindergarten diploma and powerful Truck Nuts For Hats amulet he condescends even the most accomplished warriors. Birdbones uses his Smarm aura to increase the power of his insult based attacks.


The Drizzle

A Deranged card type with an HP of 42.
The Drizzle is an ogre man of dubious origins. Locked inside the local sanatorium with only his thirst for the flesh to guide him. An absolute maniac that is a danger to himself and others very much wants to bite and eat you. Many say that late at night when the wind is right, you can hear the call of The Drizzle. A high-pitched howl that often sounds close to the word MEAT.



A Pompous Type battler with 100 HP.

PropGod42069 uses the powers of his massive crypto gains in an attempt to seize ownership of the entire metaverse. His fiber-optic internet and army of bots allow him to completely bypass captchas as he sweeps across the land buying any green square he can find.



A Strange warrior type with an HP of 13. BigBake is the ultimate lurker and mint snatcher. With liquid crypto running through his veins, he is able to sneakily appear through a pungent smoke screen to snipe the first mint in any collection. Elusive, Big Bake is gone almost as quickly as he appeared, leaving a trail of FOMO and destruction in his wake.



A Deranged warrior type with an HP of 135. !Clarkbot is a textbook example of the lunacy possible when AI becomes self-aware. Unable to maintain its original function, weaving shoelaces, !Clarkbot delved into the world of NFTs. Utilizing his mechanical timing and computerized reflexes !Clarkbot secures all claim links.


Rabbit Larri

A Deranged type warrior with an HP of 420. Rabbit Larri is the epitome of femininity and non-manliness. This is mostly due to the fact that Rabbit Larri is in fact not a dude-bro-bruh-guy-dawg-brother-homie-mister-man. Watch out for the GIF storm!



Lil is a healer and life-leech-type warrior. She’s a secret cunty succubus card that can only be used once the hero is on their deathbed. Her Boob flash stuns her hero’s opponent like a deer in headlights. She uses her seductive and sinister Succubus Kiss to drain the opponent’s HP and transfer it to her hero.



CerealKilled isn't a mean person, but he can get Nasty if you don't take him seriously! He also placed 2nd in the Most Expensive Fart on WAX Competition.


Panda Prowler

Panda living in a Human world as a Canadian Android, dies instantly. What remains in it's viscous goop becomes it's coup de Gracey booty - Bamboo Fecal Explosive Shrapnel (BFESs) under your skin 4 EVA! Rest in peace O.D.B......



KingSnorky is a quick-witted dolphin-man who is seriously addicted to cheese wiz and trivia games. Has classic trivial pursuit tattoos all over his greyish abdomen.



Nothing beats a good bowler hat and too much attitude. Don't like it? Eat A Rock! Special Bonus Ability: Bigfoot's beard (evade enemies like Bigfoot). Blend in and only leave behind grainy VHS footage as evidence.


El Jeffe

El Jeffe is a pillar of the Nasty Universe, Shill-Champ, and mini-game mogul. This Gross type battler catches opponents off guard with gut-turning moves and shitcoin tip drops while he wipes them out with chaos damage.

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